Novelty for feast 2024: stylish Live Music BAND in Sardinia!

Live jazz band in Sardinia Italy four your party or wedding: event music band in Italia, Sardegna per il matrimonio o tuoi eventi

For your WOW party in Sardinia and all over Italy:

Top rated Live Music Band & DJ

live jazz band in Sardinia Italy
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What you get:

Incredible music performance from the one of the best live band in Italy: the most emotional JAZZ pieces, the all-time favorite POP songs and the best DANCE music, as chosen by you
The new party format in Sardinia: DISCO 100% LIVE!
We sing and conduct music events in English, Russian and Italian

Live Music Jazz Band in Sardinia Italy, Sardegna Italia

Our musician may light up:

band musicale sardegna

• Wedding
• Corporate or private party
• Anniversary
• Birthday
• Award ceremony
• Company or family celebration

Exclusive musical format for your wedding in Sardinia, Italy!

We live in Sardinia and our Jazz Band is the result of our longtime passion and experience in the entertainment business. It turned out to harmoniously combine the very high professionalism and emotionality of each of the musicians into sensual and energetic music.

Each of our musicians has not only personal charm, bright charisma and youth, but also unique, each in his own, musical abilities. Each graduated with honors from the music conservatory with a jazz profile and has a significant career success behind him in his specialization. That is why with such ease they can improvise on any musical theme, making any holiday truly unique!

The basis of our success is the high professionalism of each of the team members both on and off stage…and if the performance lasts a few hours, then the technical staff carefully works on the preparation for a couple of days.

This is the only way to guarantee high-quality sound and bright atmosphere of your event!


We provide  the most advanced  sound and light equipment. Our engineers turn any place into a luxurious stage or concert hall. We offline (without additional contractors) can provide the highest possible quality sound for one and a half thousand people (1200-1500m2 of area or 25 kW in terms of equipment power).

Our team of artists with our professional stage lighting and sound makes any party a real musical performance.

For an even more fun party in Sardinia, Italy we own a professional  karaoke system. Therefore, guests can also sing with us!

Live band musicale per matrimonio in Sardegna

We are a source of positive and cheerfulness, which we are happy to share with you and your guests.

jazz music band matrimonio sardegna Italia

Abbiamo pochi eventi aperti al pubblico questo anno. Uno dei quali a CAGLIARI





Mozzarella Bar. Pizza e cucina.

Vi presentiamo un nuovo formato dell’evento 100% musicale e 100% LIVE!

disco live rinascente 18 maggio cagliari
DINNER SHOW & DISCO LIVE è un’esperienza multisensoriale.
Per tutta la serata canteranno per voi laureati degli EUROVISION ed X-FACTOR Bielorusso!
A cura del DJ Rick Sanders!

...leggere qui

18 maggio sarà uno spettacolo musicale accompagnato da un aperitivo o una cena, seguito da un’esplosione di pura energia fra tre artisti che si esibiranno sul palco con il DJ per un insolita serata danzante.
Abbiamo selezionato i 100 brani più cantati e ballati del mondo! Per questa serata puoi partecipare anche TU votando online i tuoi brani preferiti!
Si svolgerà il 18 Maggio alla Rinascente, ultimo piano Ristorante OBICÀ.
Delizioso menù sarà a cura del ristorante OBICÀ
DALLE  20:30
Spettacolo musicale e discoLIVE a numero chiuso.
SCONTO 20% per chi prenota entro il 10 maggio!

...costo della serata

Per tutta la serata canteranno per voi Valentina Ekza, Dmitry Keksov e Victoria Nazarco. A cura del DJ Rick Sanders!
Costo della serata musicale:
Spettacolo+ DISCO LIVE + aperitivo (buffet e tre bicchieri di vino inclusi) 75€
Spettacolo+ DISCO LIVE + cena (vini inclusi) 95€
Delizioso menù sarà a cura del ristorante OBICÀ
Spettacolo musicale e discoLIVE a numero chiuso. Posti limitatissimi.
SCONTO 20% per chi prenota entro il 10 maggio!

Take a look at some of our video

To look at our musicians is a delight but to listen to them is a thrill. You will want to sing and to dance with us!

band musicale sardegna
best wedding bands italy

Italian entertainment music

If you’re going to hire a music band in Sardinia or live band in Italy please pay attention what you buy. Most of party bands in Italy have very limited play list. The majority of the songs will be an Italian pop accompanied by records and not by live musicians.

We offer music band in Sardinia and all over Italy that plays and sings «live» only. They may perform for you any sort of music: from classics and jazz to RNB, disco, rock-n-roll and hard rock. That’s why we are known as one of the best wedding and party bands Italy.

Corporate live band in Italy

Corporate Live music Band

Companies and enterprises may hire, corporate live band in Italy to turn the company event into a spectacular show everyone will remember. Together, we may pick and choose a song to become the company anthem that all participants may sing together.

Musica matrimonio sardegna

Your Wedding Band in Italy

We offer Italian wedding band to make amazing Italian wedding entertainment. Our music is made to please groom and bride, their friends and parents and even grandparents. If you will have kids at your wedding party, our Italian wedding musicians will play for them Babby Shark in the jazz style.

Times change, and wedding music in Italy changes too. We like to add pieces of 21st century to a large range of traditional wedding music that we will play for you.

What will we ask from you:

• The date and the time of your party.

• half-hour of time to discuss your music preferences.

• The electrical sockets position at the venue.

We will take care of everything else!

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our partners and suppliers:

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our partners and suppliers:

The cost of the Italy party band could be very different.

It depends on the number and quality of musicians. Our prices include sound and light equipment the best that Italian wedding music Bands offers. All technical support as well as scenario of the performance and all necessary communications go free of charge.
With us, you don’t buy one of the Italy wedding bands that are many on the market, but you buy on magic music night for yourself and your guests.

We are based in Sardinia in Italy and the base price of a musical event with us is 3500€. For B2B separate price list

Your special day celebrated in Italy: book the date!

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