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LB-100 LED — una novità assoluta in Sardegna!!

LB-100 è una via di mezzo fra schermi LED e luci neon che si usano per le facciate, possono essere trasmessi diversi tipi di immagine e video senza togliere la visuale dalle finestre dello stabile. Possiamo creare uno «schermo» trasparente interativo di 100 mq — dimensioni massimali in Sardegna!

LB-100 è un prodotto pixel progettato per generare effetti impressionanti per video e barriere fotoelettriche esterne o interne. Queste sfere LED semitrasparenti possono essere visualizzate da qualsiasi angolazione e possono quindi essere utilizzate per creare affascinanti effetti speciali 3D. Ciò li rende adatti ad un’ampia gamma di applicazioni, tra cui tournée, presentazioni eventi, scenografie televisive, parchi a tema, mostre, fiere, sagre, video arte, club, centri commerciali e/o qualsiasi installazione fissa o temporanea di qualsiasi forma..

Questo è uno dei modi più attuali ed avanzati di maggior successo per creare ed ottenere una performances unica!

Create your unforgettable colourful event in the south of France, Switzerland or Italy

Having extensive experience in organizing various types of events and installations, we offer full sets of professional equipment for light, sound and other special effects at our disposal.

We rent our latest equipment bringing new levels of entertainment and special atmosphere to any event. Furthermore, we deliver it to where the purchase of such equipment is still challenging, or people need it for holding a certain one-time event (for example, an anniversary).

Con una vasta esperienza nell’organizzazione di vari tipi di eventi e installazioni, abbiamo a nostra disposizione un attrezzature professionali per luci, suoni ed effetti speciali.

In oltre noleggiamo queste attrezzature ben sapendo che questo genere di servizi innalzerà senza dubbio il livello di intrattenimento e migliorerà l’atmosfera festosa di qualsiasi evento.

From big weddings and anniversaries to small festivals and private beach parties

festivals, concerts, performances

private parties, birthdays, karaoke

weddings, corporate, anniversaries

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The LB-100 is a pixel product designed to generate impressive effects for outdoor or indoor video and light curtains. These semi-transparent IP65-rated LED balls can be viewed from any angle and can, therefore, be used to create alluring 3D spatial effects. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including touring, TV scenography, theme parks, exhibitions, video art, clubs, shopping malls, or just about any fixed or temporary installation.

This is one of the most successful modern ways to make any performance star!

Each event is exclusive and individual, and so is its cost.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to request a quote to get a more precise price estimation for your individual case. 

For B2B — a separate price list

1 Yamaha CL5 72ch digital mixing desk (2 switch Cisco 8port, Redundant Star Network)
2 Waves SoundGrid Server One-C
3 Waves WSG-Y16 V2 mini-YGDAI I/O Card
4 Yamaha RIO3224 D2 32/16 digital stage box (2 switch Cisco 8port Redundant Star Network)
6 YAMAHA TIO 1616 digital multicor
7 Console YAMAHA LS9-32 Digital console ar multikoru 24chan
8 Digital UPS Elx 001-11RT 1000VA/900W


9 Procesors L-Acoustics LA8 (4x1800W 22A/3100W max.)
10 Procesors L-Acoustics LA4 (4x1000W 22A/3100W max.)
11 Procesors L-Acoustics LA4X 4 chanal (4x1000W 22A/3100W max.)
12 L-Acoustics SB118 Subwoofer (Frequency response 32Hz 8xSUB = 6000W)
13 L-Acoustics ARCS (Frequency Response:50 — 20k Hz Sensitivity: LF: 98 dB SPL (63 — 800 Hz)
HF: 109 dB SPL (800 — 18k Hz) 4xARCS 60° vertical,90°horozontal. 8xARCS=9200W)


14 L-Acoustics SB 15 Subwoofer (Frequency response 40Hz 600Wat)
15 L-Acoustics X8 (Frequency response 50 — 20k Hz SPL max levels 135 dB peak)
16 L-Acoustics 115XTHIQ Coaxial Enclosure (Frequency response 50 — 20k Hz SPL max levels 135 dB peak)
17 L-Acoustics 12XT Coaxial Enclosure (Frequency response 55 — 20k Hz SPL max levels 129 dB peak)
18 HK AUDIO PR:O 12X D.A.R.T aktiv
19 HK AUDIO Premium PR:O 15
20 HK AUDIO Premium SUB PR:O 18
21 Power ampl YAMAHA S9000 -900 WATT
22 Electro Voice ZX1 Fullrange, Mid-High, Two-Way, Wedges


23 Keyboard combo Roland KC550 (4 channel)
24 Power ampl Bass EBS TD 650 Wat
25 EBS Bass cabinets 4×10»
26 AMPEG Bass combo 2×10» BA210
27 Guitar kabinets Fender Serie Deville 410
28 Guitar kabinets Fender TWIN REVERB
29 Hercules Stands GS405B (guitar)

30 Clavia Nord Stage 3
31 Korg P80
33 K&M 18860 SPIDER PRO keyboard stand
34 K&M 18990 keyboard stand 2X
35 K&M keyboard stand
36 Piano Benches (modern style) «HM HIDRAU MODEL»
37 Chairs SG40 (Leather Granat color) «HM HIDRAU MODEL»


38 Acoustics drums PEARL REFERENCE PURE series RF924XSP (la lista in allegato)
39 Cymbals Zildjian: 14»A NewBeat HiHats, K Custom 16»18»20»
40 TELEFUNKEN DD5 Dynamic Drum Pack 1x M82 KICK 1x M80-SHB SNARE 3x M81— TOMS, PERCUSSION
41 Drumset Shure Beta52A Beta56A SM57.
42 DRAMBASE Acoustics cover «Jocavi»
43 Plexiglass DRUMSHIELD DS-1


2 BD RF22»x18», (drums heads Ambassador)
3 BD RF2016BX
4 PEARL ELIMINATOR Single Drum Pedal
5 PEARL H-2000 Hi-Hat, doppelstrebig
6 Snare WOOD Reference RF14»x5,5» S
7 Tom RF1008 (drums heads Ambassador)
8 Tom RF1209 (drums heads Ambassador)
9 Floor Tom RF1414F (drums heads Ambassador)
10 Floor tom RF1616F (drums heads Ambassador)
11 Floor Tom RF1816F (drums heads Ambassador)
12 10″ A-Custom EFX Splash Zildjian
13 14″ A New Beat HiHats Zildjian
14 20″ K Custom Session Ride Zildjian
15 18″ K Custom Dark Crash Zildjian
16 16″ K Custom Session Crash Zildjian
17 18″ fx Oriental China «Trash» Zildjian
18 Snare stand S1030
19 Tom-Cymbal Stands PEARL TC-1030
21 Pearl CH-930S Cymbal Boom Arm
22 Pearl AX-28 Multi Clamp

44 Mikrophone Neumann KMS 105 Condenser Soloists
45 Mikrophone Neumann TLM170R Stereo set Cardioid Condenser
46 Mikrophone Neumann KM 184 MT Stereo set Cardioid Condenser
47 Mikrophone Piano C Ducer CQS8 Stereo set
48 Mikrophone Sennheiser E 906 Brass, guitar
49 Mikrophone Shure BETA52A Dynamic bd
50 Mikrophone Shure BETA56 Dynamic tom
51 Mikrophone Vokal Shure BETA 58 Dynamic
52 Mikrophone Vokal Shure SM 58 Dynamic
53 Mikrophone Shure SM57 Dynamic
54 Mikrophone Shure KSM 141 Stereo set Cardioid Condenser
55 Mikrophone Shure KSM 109 Cardioid Condenser
56 Mikrophone SHURE SH55 Series II Wide Cardioid (Retro)
57 Mikrophone SHURE BETA 91A Cardioid Condenser Microphone (BD)
58 Mikrophone TELEFUNKEN M81 Universal Dynamic
59 Mikrophone TELEFUNKEN M81-WH Wireless Head
60 Mikrophone Electro voice RE 20 Cardiodid (Brass instrumenti)
61 Mikrophone DPA 4099 Core classic Kit
62 Mikrophone AKG C 519 ML cardiodid (brass)


63 SHURE Wireless Receiver QLXD (H51Band 534 MHz – 598 MHz)
64 Mikrophone SHURE RADIO QLXD BETA 58
65 SHURE Wireless Bodypack Transmitter QLXD1
66 Earset Countryman Earset i6 omnidirectional
67 Headset WBH54T BETA 54 omnidirectional (for vocal)
68 Headset WBH53T BETA 53 omnidirectional
69 UHF Antenna Shure UA874-WB
70 UHF Active antenna spliter Shure UA844


76 SENNHEISER EK300 IEM G3 InEar (A Band 516 — 558 MHz)
77 Diversity-Empfänger EK 300 IEM G3
78 Sennheiser AC41 Antenna Combiner
79 Sennheiser A2003 + BNCcable
80 In-Ear-Hörer IE 4
81 SENNHEISER EK300 IEM G4 InEar (A Band 516 — 558 MHz)
82 Diversity-Empfänger EK 300 IEM G4

83 DELL, Insperion 15FHD core i7
84 SAMSUNG 4K ULTRA HD UE65MU6172UXXH» 65» (165cm-81cm)
85 SAMSUNG ULTRA HD UE32T4300AKXZT 32» ( 74cm-460)
86 Digitus Ultra Slim HDMI® Splitter, 1×4, 4K / 60 Hz

87 Control PC DELL, Insperion 15FHD core i7 (progr. Madrix3)
88 SGM TLD612 A Artnet variante IP65
89 SGM LB-100 (1xLB 100 String 85 cm/7LEDs Balls, pixel 12cm, IP65 outdoors)

90 PC Lenovo (progm. SUNLITE)
91 Fresnel SCENA 650/1000Watt DTS
92 Futurelight DMH — 60 Moving-Head spot
93 Futurelight DMB — 150 Moving-Head spot
94 Moving head Beam Light 12×10 Watt ICON
95 Smoke Factory Tour Hazer

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