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Our partners in the completed event project in Dorgali, Sardinia, Italy:

Municipality of Dorgali

Farmhouse and hotel

Museum of Life and Folk Art

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Male folk song choir

School of national ciisine

Boutique for brides

Floral design

Boutique for grooms

School of Traditional Sardinian Cuisine

We sincerely thank the school of traditional Sardinian cuisine for a wonderful wedding bread production course! Our bride and her friends with pleasure, informative and very original spent their hen party!

Male Sardinian song choir

We sincerely thank the whole choir for the excellent mood of the groom! Your kindness and friendliness helped him to feel very comfortable and cozy. And Sardinian songs revealed the depth and soulfulness of the ancient culture of the island.


Thanks for the most original pre-wedding bachelorette party in Italy! Many sincere folk songs, a deep course of national costume and original art were received with all Sardinian hospitality!

Men's clothing boutique

A wide selection of men’s clothing from the best Italian brands. Outfits for all men were selected for our wedding ceremony! Everyone was very pleased and happy with the choice.

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